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Selected Reels

gun-toting woods woman - confrontational grieving parents - sexy woman - scheming mother - wise nun - discerning mother 
Comedy - Mrs. Baskets (clip)
A mother tries to help her son by paying for him to go to clown college.  A short film by Aliza Brugger
Classical Pianist (2:45)
 Spiders (Clip)
concerned piano teacher
A short film by Ian M. Adelson
Cannes Festival Corner
 The Pickpocket (clip)
An adjunct college professor turns to picking pockets to make ends meet.  A short film by Jennifer Marie Kaiser.
Comedy - Stage Dad (clip)
Academy Award Winning director, Macy Kaine has to deal with stage dads.  A web episode by Anthony Aibel
Dri-Fit Commercial (1:36)
thoughtful adult daughter
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