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d'Urn it! 

Mortimer has died and it is time to read his will.  His wife, ex-wife, and sister,

long-time adversaries, are brought together for this momentous occasion.


What they didn’t expect was to join forces in a contest filled with absurd revelations  and real life consequences.

but rules are rules...  
d'Urn it!
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Screen d'Urn it!

Chelsea Film Festival Website

October 15-18, 2020 


Produced by Cynthia Shaw  

Directed by Joseph A. Eulo 

Written by Marilyn Oran and Justin Ayer

Anneta Myroni
The Travel Agent
Adam Perabo
The Delivery Boy
Marilyn Oran
The Ex-Wife
The Urn
Cynthia Shaw
The Sister
Liz Maurer
The Lawyer
Lenore Marks
The Executive Assistant
Production Team

Producer Cynthia Shaw

Director  Joseph A. Eulo

Assistant Director  Hila Naus

Director of Photography  Joseph A. Eulo

2nd Camera/Grip/Gaffer Kareem Roland

Grip/Gaffer Andre Douglas

Editor  Joseph A. Eulo

Composer  Adonis Tsilimparis, Tasso Zapanti

Sound Design  Adonis Tsilimparis, Tasso Zapanti

Color Correction  Sanjit Majumdar

Animation  Lulu J. Jiang

Hair Design  Dilya Ismoilova

Make-Up Design  Jasmine Sawyers

Hair & Make-Up Intan  Sahrini

Heloisa Barroso

Crew Gemma Fasciano


Dorothy Jorgensen

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