In rehearsal with composer, Ben, Moore and actors Cynthia Shaw and Merritt Janson

This musical play is based on a 

short story by Shira Nayman

music by Ben Moore

directed by Lynne Hayden-Findlay

The West End Theatre

St. Paul St. Andrew Church

263 West 86th Street, NYC

March 27 & 28 ~ 7pm

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Holocaust survivors and their children battle dreams, memory and elusive truths in this debut collection. In “The House on Kronenstrasse,” Christiane returns to Germany after her elderly mother dies, traveling from New York, where she was raised, to Heidelberg, the town where she was born to a Nazi soldier who died early in the war, and a German housekeeper, who worked for a family of wealthy Jews. She makes the trip to her mother’s deathbed, urging that she go back to the home where they lived as a family, at 58 Kronenstrasse. When Christiane arrives there, however, she finds that her own childhood memories seem to be those of another girl’s life. Still, these characters’ observations and revelations ring true.

Velvet Determination

award-winning solo show

d'Urn it! 


East of Edinburgh Festival


July 18, 21 & 25

Edinburgh Fringe Festival  

Greenside @ Nicolson Square/Fern

August 7-29

Vancouver Fringe Festival

September 10-20

Photo credit:  Diablo Productions


February 28 @ 7 pm

February 29 @ 1 pm

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Comedic Reel

dippy yoga student, eccentric foodie, confused adjunct professor, cheerful party planner, thoughtful mom

Dramatic Reel

gun-toting woods woman, frantic mom, sexy woman, tough mother

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