The House on Kronnenstrasse

by Shira Namen with music by Ben Moore

Produced by Chelsea Opera

March 27 & 28 performances cancelled due to Covid-19

Two person play with music. 

Christiane’s mother’s last words led to a place she had fled as a child. As Christiane travels from New York to Heidelberg, she finds herself transported back to the dangerous world of her WWII childhood, where the truth of her past lies concealed.

Zoom & Facebook Live Readings

Last Call at Dylans by Drew Keil and directed by Shela Xoregos (AND Theatre)

May 30

"You were absolutely wonderful in the reading, playing the part of Adele. 

Energized, convincing, confident and captivating.  Made me wish I had written more scenes with you in them. 

I am so appreciative for your performance.  I can't say that enough!"

Playwright, Drew Keil

Kicking the Bucket - a new play by Robert Verlaque directed by Tekla Gaughan (Articulate Theatre)

July 13

"Great job in the reading!...Lovely characterization in a nice script."  

Director, Katrin Hilbe

"I've been wanting to tell you how much I enjoyed your reading of're work was really good!" 

Actress, Joanne Dorian

Shopper's Paradise by Amy Drake (Be Bold Productions)

July 30

The Philospher's Joke by Scott C. Sickles and directed by Katrin Hilbe (Articulate Theatre)

August 2

Selma '65 by Catherine Filloux and directed by Susan Izatt (Planet Connections)

August 27 

Comedic Reel

dippy yoga student, eccentric foodie, confused adjunct professor, cheerful party planner, thoughtful mom

Dramatic Reel

gun-toting woods woman, frantic mom, sexy woman, tough mother

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